31 Scary Movies to watch this October and where you can watch them 🎃

31 Scary Movies to watch this October and where you can watch them 🎃

The spooky season is upon us, so we have compiled a list of 31 movies for you to watch every night this October! We have arranged them alternating between scary and not so scary, so that you get a break between the really scary movies.


1st A Quiet Place (YouTube)

2nd The Ring (YouTube)

3rd The Babadook (YouTube)

4th The Grudge (YouTube)

5th The Blair Witch Project (YouTube)

6th A Nightmare on Elm Street (YouTube)

7th Get Out (YouTube)

8th It (YouTube)

9th It Follows (YouTube)

10th Paranormal Activity (YouTube)

11th The Silence of the Lambs (Netflix)

12th Misery (Netflix)

13th Beetlejuice (YouTube)

14th The Shining (YouTube)

15th Edward Scissor Hands (YouTube)

16th Saw (YouTube)

17th Sleepy Hollow (YouTube)

18th The Sixth Sense (YouTube)

19th Scream (YouTube)

20th The Others (YouTube)

21st The Nightmare Before Christmas (YouTube)

22nd The Strangers (YouTube)

23rd The Mist (Netflix)

24th The Descent (YouTube)

25th Signs (YouTube)

26th American Psycho (Netflix)

27th Se7en (YouTube)

28th Psycho (Netflix)

29th Insidious (Netflix)

30th Halloween

31st Hocus Pocus (YouTube)

Don’t forget this October that we are running a scariest horror movie character bracket. Everyday we are pitting two scary characters against each other on our Intsagram story for you to vote on!


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