FREE Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Mini Escape Game!

FREE Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Mini Escape Game!

Ever wanted to try an Escape Room? Well here’s your chance to play a FourFront Games mini Escape Game!

For some time we’ve been working through puzzles and talking about themes for a portable Escape Room, and on Culture night we will running a mini version of our latest creation “Mr. Hyde’s last night”.

Solve mind bending puzzles and clues and get a taste of the Escape Room experience! 🧐

Can you and your team of doctors cure Dr.Jekyll? You’ll have to work together to create the antidote he so desperately needs! The problem is you only have 15 minutes… before Mr.Hyde finds you…


We will be taking teams of 2-4 people and will be running 6 mini games in the Whale Theatre on Culture Night, Friday, September 20th from 8-8.45pm.

Launch date of our full portable game is yet to be decided, as we’d like to make it the best game it can possibly be! But you can keep up to date with all of our latest announcements by following us on our social media accounts — Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter.

For your entertainment in the mean time we still have our two, 5 star rated, 60 minute Escape Games!

Solve the mystery inside the abandoned cottage that sits at number 3 hillside road. Are you brave enough to take on the spirits that reside within?


Join team Interpol and help catch Ireland’s most notorious serial killer! Can you solve JACK’S cryptic letters and puzzles and catch him before he strikes again?



Fan of horror? Then book Ireland’s Scariest Escape Room, the hillside haunting, now! This old Irish cottage has been left abandoned since October 1967 after resident, Brónagh Brown, passed away suddenly in a local psychiatric hospital. Rumors around the town claim she still resides at number 3 hillside road, searching for her lost child… Are you and your team of paranormal investigators brave enough to enter the cottage and discover what really happened to Brónagh? You’ll only have 60 minutes! and the spirit of the house will not be pleased by your presence…

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