Keep an eye out for a FREE PUZZLE HUNT IN WICKLOW!

Keep an eye out for a FREE PUZZLE HUNT IN WICKLOW!

Over the past year that we have been open FourFront Games has received a lot of inquiries asking if our rooms are suitable for children. Unfortunately, due to puzzle complexity and spooky themes, they’re not. So a few weeks ago we made something for the people of Greystones to enjoy with the younger members of their families – A puzzle map!

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Our little brochure contained a map of the town and a route to take with X’s marked along the way. Accompanied by a Question Sheet. 10 questions in total that could only be solved by visiting the various locations marked on the map.

Our free puzzle maps were made available on Sunday August 4th and were located just outside the shop for anyone to grab. Our first bundle of printed maps were gone by that afternoon and the second bundle by late afternoon the next day. We had printed what we thought were a reasonable amount, thinking we would only get a few responses. Needless to say we were shocked when we looked in the container to see that they had all been taken.

Since then we have had many inquiries in shop and via email asking “Where can I get one of your maps?”

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The bad news is we are out. We even printed an extra 50 maps but they quickly went too. However the good news is we will be printing more! Some of the same and some new ones.

We plan to make maps with varying levels of difficulty and specifically designed for different age groups. They will have different routes, questions and puzzles all based around our little town.

However before we make more we would like your input. Have you tried our map? What do you think? What would make a fun puzzle hunt and where? Please let us know! Your feedback will be used to create the best most fun-filled maps we can possibly make.

Follow us on social media @fourfrontgames so that you won’t miss the announcement when more maps are made available. (It will be soon!)

In the mean time feel free to email where we can send you a copy our map for you to print at home!

We’d like to thank everyone for showing such a huge interest and are excited to make more fun experiences for our audience in the near future!


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