We Want Your Irish Ghost Stories

We Want Your Irish Ghost Stories

Photograph in Glendalough by Benoît Ferman

Everyone in Ireland has experienced or knows someone who has experienced some sort of paranormal activity.

I, myself always grew up hearing stories about the ghost that walked the back road in Delgany, I have seen images of the ghostly apparitions that haunt the graveyard in Glendalough, and have had friends explain their pure fear when being confronted with an inexplicable paranormal phenomenon.

Wicklow is rich with tales of the paranormal. From Glendalough and Wickow Gaol to some of our very own haunted households. Each story has their own undeniable chill… and we want to hear them all.

Check out the ghostly journal entry written by Thomas Dempsey from Bray Co.Wicklow in 1938.

If you have diary entries, photographs, videos or simply a story to share the we want to hear about it.

You can send us all information via email to info@fourfrontgames.com. Or to record your story directly simply call 0895 435 6962 to go straight to voicemail and leave us a message about your scariest experiences. Feel free to leave your name or go completely anonymous. Stories will be cut into a mini audio experience and shared for the people who care to hear about our local Irish folklore.

And of course there’s a prize! Best story gets a free game in Ireland’s most haunted Escape Room: the hillside haunting.

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Image and data © National Folklore Collection, UCD.

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